Do It Yourself: Apartment Security Systems security systems can be a key aspect of apartment safety when they are properly used and maintained.  They can help you monitor who is coming in and out of your apartment, what your roommates are up to, or if a maintenance person swings by.  Security alarm systems add peace of mind to your well-being.  A digital wireless security camera gives you an extra set of eyes to protect your home and personal belongings.  With a traditional security system, you are alerted with an audible horn sound when there has been a disturbance.

The best part is that most apartment security alarm systems are mobile - you easily can take them with you after you move out!

Alarm systems are effective deterrents to criminals, especially if you use the decals provided with the camera.  Smart criminals will by-pass your apartment when you place security system decals on your windows.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, statistics reveal that apartment dwellers are 85% more likely to be victimized by burglaries than residents of traditional homes.

Still, many apartment dwellers opt to believe that living in a concentrated area is safer than living in a home.  In reality, criminals see apartment living as a gold mine for their activities. It is easier for criminals to survey potential victims in an apartment setting, where they can observe you and your belongings more easily without being noticed.  You can prevent unwarranted burglaries and home invasions by installing an alarm system or security camera in your apartment.

Consider the following points when shopping for an apartment security system:

•    Installation - Is the system easy-to-install?  Do you need to hire a professional?  How much time and money will the installation process cost?  Systems from brands such as ADT offer a $99 installation fee with their packages.

•    Pricing - How much are you willing to pay to monitor a small area of space?  You can purchase cameras andalarm systems ranging from $16 to over $400.

•    Reoccurring Services - What kind of additional fees do you have to pay? Some companies charge monthly monitoring fees for fire, ambulatory care, and security.  These fees can range from $12-$40 per month.  Is this within your budget?  Remember you are attempting to secure your apartment, and it is a small amount of space.

•    Response time - What is the response time for your alarm monitoring system if someone breaks in?  What happens if your system experiences a false alarm?  Will your security provider respond in time before the police respond to a false alarm?  Your security provider’s prompt response time will save you costly charges from your local police.  Can you capture the criminal’s face on camera if you’re using a wireless video monitoring system?

•    Other capabilities - Can your traditional alarm system provide proof of an invasion or a criminal act?  More than likely, it cannot.  A wireless home security camera can capture criminals in the act of theft and invasion.  MySnapCam’s systems offer video sharing and video verification.  Can you get the best bang for your buck with your security system?  With MySnapCam, you can receive instant text messages and video access to incoming events.  A SnapCam can store up to 100 video scenes captured on camera at one time with our basic service.  It is something to consider, given that having personal security measures add extra expenses to your budget.
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